Sea Turtle Farming

I was directed to this website by none other than Paul McCartney (on Twitter, and not personally…) but I went and watched the video about the inhumane way sea turtles are farmed, used to entertain the paying public and then often, sold for their meat.

You can visit the website and sign the petition here.

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Abandoned paintings

Check out these ‘abandoned paintings’ from artist Bence Hajdu. They’re not paintings that have been abandoned, but reworkings of famous paintings shown with the people missing.

Check out his website here.

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I want one of these…

Isn’t this animal hottie perfect for cold winter nights?

They would also make an excellent Christmas present for someone special (not that I’m thinking about Christmas, it’s far too early…)

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The art of Jaffa Cakes

Designer Dominic Wilcox has nibbled through 30 boxes of delicious Jaffa Cakes to create some British-inspired sculptures.

The Loch Ness monster





The Happiest Olympic worker

Although we in London have pretty much fully succumbed to Olympic fever, this volunteer sums up our sardonic attitude perfectly. Hilarious.

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Medals for dogs

I love this photo of Andy Murray’s dogs wearing his Olympic medals.

And the medals go to... Maggie May (right) and Rusty (left) don Andy Murray's two Olympic medals

Did you watch him obliterate Federer at the weekend? I was actually quite emotional when he won!

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Olympic Exercise

I love these Olympic inspired exercise books from Donna Wilson. I only wish I was going back to school so I could buy some…

The Secret of Kells

I thought I’d share one of my favourite films with you all. I went to see The Secret of Kells at the cinema a few year’s ago, and fell in love with it. Of course, I bought it on DVD (I am still a believer in DVDs and have loads of them at home). I showed it to my parents not so long ago and they loved it too (although Mum fell asleep towards the end. Standard).

It’s set in 8th century Ireland, in a monastery. It focuses on adventurous young Brendan and Brother Aiden, who are both working on the illustrated Book of Iona. They live under the constant threat of Viking invasion; something that preoccupies Brendan’s uncle (and chief Abbot) to the extreme. Whilst Brendan and Aiden are creating beautiful pages and illustrations for the book, Abbot Cellach is obsessed with building a wall around the Abbey to keep invaders out. There’s also a lovely element of mysticism, and Brendan runs into a forest spirit called Aisling (one of my all-time favourite names) on his adventures.

The animation and music are beautiful, and the whole film is so well executed.

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Working life or art?

The Saatchi Gallery is one of my favourite London galleries. It’s a joy to walk around and is updated regularly enough to keep you coming back.

Their latest exhibit is a very interesting one. They have the team from free weekly magazine, Stylist, working in the gallery and the action is being streamed live. The aim is to see how a normal office works and interacts, and how this changes when they’re put in a goldfish bowl situation. Is it day-to-day work or are they putting on a show?

Watch the action unfold here

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